Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Inn Crowd: Karen's Story

Karen B. is not only seeking a new life – she is also chasing after hope. In 2001 Karen moved to Nashville to be with her dad as he was struggling with cancer. “He made me promise that I would stay away from drugs and alcohol,” says Karen. “But when he passed away I went straight for the bottle.”

Karen came to Room In The Inn for a place to stay, not to seek treatment. It wasn’t until one day she realized that she wanted to get clean. “Your family can want you to get help, mine did. But, I can’t seek help successfully unless I do it for me, because Karen wants to. And right now, I want to.”

Karen has been staying at the Guest House and has quickly become part of this family. She helps with chores, making plates for people, and stays overnight for on site shelter. She attends Women’s Group daily and has earned a lot of respect from the ladies. “I put in long volunteer hours, but I consider that part of my recovery,” says Karen. “One day I hope to come back and work at RITI. I want to continue giving to people.”

It has been a long road for Karen, but when asked where she finds her hope she says, “I think back to that promise I made my dad, and I’m finally making strides to keep it. I talk to him a lot and know he is shining down on me.”

For the future Karen wants to share her story. “I have experience and I believe through that I can gain people’s trust because they’ll know that I’ve been there too.”